Created in 1953, our company is based in Châteaudun (120 km from Paris). Trelec is depositary of the MFOM brand and an old LMI range (ex ABB).

The activities of TRELEC range from the manufacturing of standard electronical components to the realization of custom-made products, and including the study of projects.

For over 70 years, the company adapts to the evolutions of the market of the Electronics to be able to meet partners expectations.

Indeed TRELEC knew how to adapt himself by investing in advanced technologies, by renewing its equipment in a regular way and by increasing its production capacities. Moreover TRELEC offers permanently an added value to its products by being capable to satisfy needs of a demanding clientele.

Depuis 1953, TRELEC accompagne les principaux acteurs du marché de l'Electronique en France et à l'International, avec des solutions adaptées et sur mesure.